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Everyone has the right to feel happy, healthy and energised.


Find out how food can transform your health…


My Wellness Philosophy


The science of food and how it affects the body has always fascinated me and I have made it my mission to educate and inspire people with the skills and knowledge they need to make lasting changes to their health.
I believe that true health and wellness is achieved through knowledge and understanding of how your body works. When you recognise and understand the signals your body is sending you then you are able to change the way you feel by using; food, lifestyle modifications, movement, and self-care practices.

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What is wellness?


Wellness is feeling completely at peace with your mind and body. It means having the energy to do the things you want to do, having healthy thoughts, enjoying food guilt-free, and having a body that allows you to take part in a full and happy life.

My Wellness Manifesto


Plant focused – Plants have an undeniable power to heal and nourish you, making you feel your absolute best. Focusing your diet on plants is the first step towards wellness.
Animal products in moderation – I love cheese and meats as much as the next girl, and they can definitely be a part of a healthy diet, but for both you and the planet it’s best to consume animal products in moderation,.
Avoid processed and packaged foods – Processed foods may be yummy, but they’re often filled with ingredients that take away from your health and are devoid of the nutrients  found in whole foods.
Buy local, organic, sustainable, and ethically produced food – Where your food comes from has a surprising impact on your health, the environment, the local economy, and animal welfare.  For the good of the entire food chain, it’s time to start thinking about how you source your food.
Ditch the trends – Health trends and fads come and go, and even though they may tout many benefits they’re most likely unsustainable and won’t suit your body’s needs.  It’s time to find out what food and style of eating fits you best, and not jus the latest trending Instagram hashtag.
Use supplements only when needed – Lot of people rely on supplements instead of a proper diet, but supplements and herbal medicine should really only be used to treat issues and correct deficiencies, and instead the bulk of your nutrients should come from food.
Balance – One of the most important thing to me is that my clients have balance.  This means eating a wide and varied diet that changes with the seasons and climate, but also includes treats every now and then.

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BSc Human Nutrition – Massey University 
Post Graduate Diploma in Herbal Medicine – International College of Herbal Medicine (currently completing)

Where in the world?

I am currently living in London, however Auckland, New Zealand is still home. I am seeing clients via skype or in person in central London.