Beef and Lamb Iron week

30 Apr Iron and you

I am a big advocate for plant-based eating, I believe that for good health we should be following a diet made up of whole plant foods topped up with a few animal products like; organic butter and eggs, lean meat, poultry and fish. Animal products contribute important nutrients to your...

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Fish and greens11editedsmaller

30 Apr Easy Fish Parcels

A common excuse people use for not eating more fish is that they don't know how to cook it. I understand, fish can be fiddly - but by cooking fish wrapped up in a paper parcel you remove all the fuss and difficulty (it also stops your kitchen smelling like...

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lala blog

31 Mar Is it time to up your La la level?

Health and wellness is a journey, and thinking back to the beginning of my personal journey in the world of wellness takes me pretty far from where I am these days. For one, my La la level has changed from a zero to a solid five or six. What’s a ‘La...

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Blueberry Gummy Lollies

25 Mar Blueberry Gummy Lollies

I used to have an addiction to gummy bears, I could demolish a whole pack of Haribo Gummy Bears with ease - these days I can control myself around those little bears (thankfully!). So instead of tearing the heads off tiny multicoloured bears, I decided to have a go at...

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24 Oct How to: Make bone broth

Learning how to make a good bone broth is essential for both mastering basic cooking skills, but also to ensure you have a healing remedy on hand whenever you feel the need for it. I like to use bone broth to enhance the flavour and nutritional content of a dish. When...

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real food tips

31 May Real Life Tips to Eating Real Food

We have all read the articles where celebrities or Instagram babes share their real food diets. Starting their day with fancy smoothies made from; coconut, mushroom powder, five different herbs you have never heard of, and three types of kale, or they have a fancy food delivery service for every...

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Raspberry Chia Seed Jam

30 May Raspberry Chia Seed Jam

Chia seeds are nutrient packed and so versitle, you can use chia seeds to thicken or set liquids, and as an all natural egg replacement. I love nut butter on toast with jam on top, but commercial jam or even old fashioned homemade jam is packed with sugar. For jam to...

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Celiac disease

26 May Q + A | I have celiac disease, now what?

I get asked lots and lots of questions from both the online community and clients, and often I get asked the same or similar questions each week. To help share the information that is most commonly sort after I will answer some of these questions on the blog. If you have...

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Why I love garlic

26 Apr Why I love…Garlic

What is garlic?  Garlic is a well-known vegetable used to create the signature flavour in hundreds of dishes around the world. In New Zealand, the most common variety is the white skinned soft neck bulbs that contain 10 cloves in each head of garlic. Much of the garlic in NZ is imported...

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