25 Mar Blueberry Gummy Lollies

I used to have an addiction to gummy bears, I could demolish a whole pack of Haribo Gummy Bears with ease - these days I can control myself around those little bears (thankfully!). So instead of tearing the heads off tiny multicoloured bears, I decided to have a go at...

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real food tips

31 May Real Life Tips to Eating Real Food

We have all read the articles where celebrities or Instagram babes share their real food diets. Starting their day with fancy smoothies made from; coconut, mushroom powder, five different herbs you have never heard of, and three types of kale, or they have a fancy food delivery service for every...

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Why I love garlic

26 Apr Why I love…Garlic

What is garlic?  Garlic is a well-known vegetable used to create the signature flavour in hundreds of dishes around the world. In New Zealand, the most common variety is the white skinned soft neck bulbs that contain 10 cloves in each head of garlic. Much of the garlic in NZ is imported...

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18 Apr Whole Foods on a Budget

I often hear that the reason an individual or family 'can’t' eat a diet based around whole foods is because their perception is that it is too expensive in comparison to purchasing packaged and processed foods. I disagree, a whole foods diet doesn't have to be expensive or full of...

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18 Apr Q+A | Hydration & Post Workout Snacks

I get asked lots and lots of questions from both the online community and clients, and often I get asked the same or similar questions each week. To help share the information that is most commonly sort after I will answer some of these questions on the blog. If you have...

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Sugar Craving Busting Granola

27 Mar Sugar Craving Busting Granola

Sugar cravings are the downfall of so many people, all of their amazing intentions and efforts to eat well are undone by their body’s desire for sugar. The key to keeping sugar cravings at bay is to keep your blood sugar levels as even as possible throughout the day. Obviously, after...

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Healthy Chocolate Fudge

26 Mar Healthy Chocolate Fudge

Easter is here and if chocolate is something you enjoy then you may as well indulge in the good stuff! Leave the sugar packed, flavor and nutrient lacking candy at the supermarket, and whip up a batch of fudge instead. This fudge is packed with skin nourishing fats, antioxidant rich cacao,...

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