07 Dec Skin Saver Smoothie

Acne, wrinkles, aging dry skin, or eczema - no matter your concern this blend will help support repair and growth of new cells. This smoothie contains wonderful nutrients for great skin health. Vitamin C, selenium, zinc and collagen all aid in promoting repair and growth of skin, tendons and ligaments.  [yumprint-recipe id='11']  ...

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25 Mar Blueberry Gummy Lollies

I used to have an addiction to gummy bears, I could demolish a whole pack of Haribo Gummy Bears with ease - these days I can control myself around those little bears (thankfully!). So instead of tearing the heads off tiny multicoloured bears, I decided to have a go at...

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24 Oct How to: Make bone broth

Learning how to make a good bone broth is essential for both mastering basic cooking skills, but also to ensure you have a healing remedy on hand whenever you feel the need for it. I like to use bone broth to enhance the flavour and nutritional content of a dish. When...

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Raspberry Chia Seed Jam

30 May Raspberry Chia Seed Jam

Chia seeds are nutrient packed and so versitle, you can use chia seeds to thicken or set liquids, and as an all natural egg replacement. I love nut butter on toast with jam on top, but commercial jam or even old fashioned homemade jam is packed with sugar. For jam to...

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Green Juice

31 Mar Q+A | Green Juice + Fussy Eaters

I get asked lots and lots of questions from both the online community and clients, and often I get asked the same or similar questions each week. To help share the information that is most commonly sort after I will answer some of these questions on the blog. If you have...

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Sugar Craving Busting Granola

27 Mar Sugar Craving Busting Granola

Sugar cravings are the downfall of so many people, all of their amazing intentions and efforts to eat well are undone by their body’s desire for sugar. The key to keeping sugar cravings at bay is to keep your blood sugar levels as even as possible throughout the day. Obviously, after...

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Healthy Chocolate Fudge

26 Mar Healthy Chocolate Fudge

Easter is here and if chocolate is something you enjoy then you may as well indulge in the good stuff! Leave the sugar packed, flavor and nutrient lacking candy at the supermarket, and whip up a batch of fudge instead. This fudge is packed with skin nourishing fats, antioxidant rich cacao,...

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04 Feb Extra Nourishing Pesto

Traditional basil, pinenut, and parmesan pesto is delicious and decadent, but it is also pricey and can't be made year round due to the seasonal ingredients. For me, not being able to eat pesto year round is a real problem; so I make a slightly different version of pesto which...

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04 Feb Green Vegetables – 3 Easy Recipes

Green vegetables don't have to be something that you force down at dinner time or battle with children to eat. There are a variety of ways to cook and prepare green vegetables in order to make them an enjoyable part of your meal. Green vegetables provide a range of nutrients including;...

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easy chocolate bark

10 Dec Easy Chocolate Bark

Instead of eating chocolate treats that are going to leave you feeling sluggish and unsatisfied try making your own chocolate which is free of nasties and excess sugar. This Easy Chocolate Bark gives you a satisfying hit of chocolate packed full of essential fatty acids, magnesium, and antioxidants. You can mix...

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