Corporate Wellness

Company Wellness Seminars

Investing in your employees is one way to show that you care, and by investing in their health you will not only reduce the amount of sick days staff take, but you can influence their productivity and focus during the day.

Group classes are a convenient and cost effective way to educate your staff. A short seminar (60-90 minutes) helps to bring employees together, giving them tools to help improve their overall health, and creates a supportive work environment for this to take place. Choose from the list on the right, or request a presentation tailored to your employee’s specific needs.

Types of seminars:

    • How to manage stress
    • Stop dieting for good
    • How to make good food choices
    • Nourishing cooking demonstrations


Cafeteria Consulting


Offering healthy well balanced meals is essential for work place cafeterias. Cafeteria consultations include:

  • Feedback on current situation with recommendations for improvements
  • New or improved food/meal suggestions
  • Specific information that can be displayed along side meals as well as general health information for employees.
  • Education for food service staff
  • Corporate seminar for all employees



Product reviews

Launching a new product, or updating an existing one?

Talk to me about:

  • How to nutritionally improve your product
  • Find out which health claims you can legally make when advertising



Nutrition Expert

If you are in need of an opinion, blog article or on record review contact me here.

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