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31 Mar Q+A | Green Juice + Fussy Eaters

I get asked lots and lots of questions from both the online community and clients, and often I get asked the same or similar questions each week. To help share the information that is most commonly sort after I will answer some of these questions on the blog.

If you have questions that you would like answered simply email, send me a Facebook message or leave a comment at the end of this Q+A.

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Green Juice

Q: How do I flavour a green juice so it doesn’t taste so green, without adding lots of fruit? – Regan, T.

A: Green juices are a great way to add more nutrients into your diet. Choosing not to add in too much fruit is a wise decision as your body does not need excessive amounts of sugar from fruit juice. Vegetables give just as many nutrients without the unnecessary sugar. If you don’t like the green earthy taste of green juice you can use 1 serving of fruit to sweeten it up, pineapple and pear are good options for masking the flavor. Lemon is also another great option, it brightens the flavour and masks the earthiness. A small amount of ginger is another great way to change the flavor, giving your juice a spicy flavour.

Play around with different combinations until you find one that works for you. Click here to view my go to juice blend.

Fussy Eating

Q: Both of my children (7yrs, 9yrs) are so fussy! It is a struggle to get them to eat meat, most vegetables and fruit. They only like potato, rice, pasta, or cheese. They haven’t always been like this, it has gotten worse over the last 6 months. Help! – ¬†Amanda. P

A: When children go off their food over a relatively short space of time then the first thing I look at is the amount of iron and zinc they are getting through their diet. Iron is an important nutrient for growth and energy, but it also influences appetite. Iron-deficient children often have low appetites and start to dislike foods they would normally eat. The foods your children are currently favouring are low in iron, so it is important to start to get them to eat higher iron foods like beef, lamb, and leafy greens.

The other important nutrient is zinc. Zinc influences how food tastes, feels and smells to us, so this can play a big role in changing your children’s food preferences. Zinc is found in concentrated amounts in beef, lamb, and seeds like pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

To start with I would suggest trying to use easy to eat meats like lamb or beef mince to try to increase their intake of iron and zinc. Wraps or burgers filled with mince, or mini meatballs that they can dip in sauce and eat with their hands can be good ways to get kids to eat more beef and lamb.

Often zinc and iron levels can be hard to replenish in children with food alone and a supplement is often a quicker option. There are many liquid supplements available that can be easily added to children’s food and drink.

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