About the Wellness by Jessica Store


I have created the Wellness by Jessica Store to provide nutritionist-approved products to my clients. The health product market is huge and confusing, each brand is waving its arms in the air telling you why they are the best while the next brand is offering you low prices and freebies. It is hard to know what to choose and more importantly who to trust.


Health products, skincare, and supplements are not purchases that you should take lightly after all these are things that affect how your body functions.
I have put together a store filled with products I trust, recommend to my one-on-one clients and most importantly are products I use myself. I have checked the ingredients and formulations of all of the products and am confident that they are in the best interest of your health.
You will notice that sometimes I only stock a selection of products from a particular brand, this is on purpose. It simply means that their other products weren’t quite right for what I look for in a health product.

What I look for:
Organic: The absence of pesticides and additives is in your best interest, so when possible or appropriate I like to choose organic.
Local: You will notice that most of the brands are New Zealand based. I like to support other NZ businesses and find that NZ has a lot to offer in the way of high-quality health care products.
Sustainable and eco-friendly: If I am choosing a product to enhance my health, I don’t want that to be at the expense of the people involved in manufacturing or the environment.
Animal-friendly: You will never find products on Wellness By Jessica that have undergone animal testing, or are involved in the destruction of habit.
Free from harmful chemicals: I choose product free from; harmful chemicals like; parbens, phthalates, mineral oil, petrolatum, BPA, formaldehyde, and artificial fragrances and colours.