Let me help you with comprehensive support throughout your pregnancy to help you stay healthy and ensure your baby has the nutrients it needs to develop optimally.

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What’s included?

2 x 90-minute consultations – During your first consultation we will discuss your health history, current concerns and issues, and discuss the basics for having healthy pregnancy as well as the specific information needed for the first trimester of your pregnancy (this consult may be used before you fall pregnant, or at the beginning of your pregnancy).  The second 60-minute consult is usually carried out a few weeks after the birth of your baby. This allows for us to work together in order to get you feeling your best during this period of immense change.

3 x 30-minute follow-up consultations  You can schedule these as you feel best, but generally one 30 minute consult at the beginning of each trimester allows for us to make changes to your wellness plan to be benefit the next trimester of your pregnancy.
4 x 15-minute follow-up consultations You can schedule these as you feel you need them. A 15 minute consult is useful for asking questions, talking about specific health concerns that might pop up during your pregnancy.
Personalized action plan – action plan for each stage of your pregnancy, including post-birth and breastfeeding
Bi-weekly emails with recipes, information, and tips and tricks to help you maintain your pregnancy glow.

Take home resources and guidance (meal planning guides, recipes, shopping lists, specialty diet guidelines)
Lifestyle and self-care recommendations these may include exercise, stress reduction techniques, massage, mindfulness, or practices to improve your mental health. 
Supplement recommendations  You may also receive recommendations for nutritional or herbal supplements to help with proper development of baby and to keep you feeling your best.
Continuous email and text message support This means that any time you have a question or concern then I will be there for you. I will check in with you regularly to fully support your journey.


Consultations are carried out via Skype or Facetime, or in person in my London clinic. 


 All inclusive Pregnancy Glow package – $599NZD


Are you ready for a glowing pregnancy?

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