One on one consultations, continuous email and text support, and helpful, tailored, take-home resources will help you to make positive lasting changes no matter your health situation. 




What’s included?

1 x 60-minute consultation During your consultation we will discuss your health history, current concerns and issues, and create realistic wellness goals.
2 x 30-minute follow-up consultations  in these sessions we will assess your progress, adjust your action plan and continue your education on your nutrition, health, and lifestyle changes.
2 x 15-minute follow-up consultations these short sessions will allow us to keep you focused, motivated, and on track with your health and wellness goals.
Personalized action plan – your action plan will include everything you need to make positive changes to your health. It may include stages of actions for you to work through as well as explanations as to why the changes are needed and how they will change your health. I never use cookie-cutter or ready-to-go plans, but instead personalize all of the plans to your needs.
Action plan updates after each session your action plan will be updated after each consult, so you have a current and evolving plan for your health that is personalized to you.
Weekly emails with information, motivation, recipes and tips and tricks to help you on your wellness journey

Take home resources and guidance (meal planning guides, recipes, shopping lists, specialty diet guidelines)
Lifestyle and self-care recommendations these may include exercise, stress reduction techniques, massage, mindfulness, or practices to improve your mental health. 
Supplement recommendations – you may also receive recommendations for nutritional or herbal supplements to aid you on your wellness journey
Continuous email and text message support This means that any time you have a question, get stuck for meal ideas, or need some motivation then I will be there for you. I will check in with you regularly to fully support your journey. 


Consultations are carried out via Skype or Facetime, or in person in my London clinic. 


 All inclusive Ultimate Wellness package – $329NZD


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